Invitació Seminari: Transdisciplinary Design Research: Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation


Des de la universitat RMIT Europe, seu europea de l’australiana RMIT University, ens posem en contacte amb vostè per convidar-lo/la al nostre proper seminari dins de la sèrie: President's Research Seminar Series.

Creiem que pel seu perfil professional pot ser del seu interès el seminariimpartit per Prof. Mark Burry "Transdisciplinary Design Research: Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation" que es celebrarà el proper 27 de Novembre a la Sala Aleix Carrió a l'Elisava (Rambla 30-32, 08002 Barcelona) de 19 pm a 20 pm.

What is ‘transdisciplinary design research’, what does it offer, and why is it important?
Designers are renowned for many things: their innate creativity, their crucial individuality, a propensity to innovate, and a disinclination to follow rules. The very word ‘discipline’ would appear to be typically unwelcome within any designer’s lexicon.
As designers we are especially inclined to form silos and it takes exceptional circumstances such as tackling any of what Horst Rittel described as ‘wicked problems’ to coax us into the realm of collaborative research across different design disciplines let alone those beyond. In the opinion of the presenter, Mark Burry, such opportunities are becoming more common as creativity is increasingly recognized as a valuable ingredient when tackling intractable challenges such as food security, denser urban environments, water shortage etc. New media too has sponsored new modes of collaboration: designers are in a very good position to collaborate globally well beyond their traditional comfort zones. In his talk Mark will outline his research institute’s interpretation of ‘transdisciplinary design research’ and how outline how designers’ outreach has become truly global. Using appropriate case studies he will argue that it is this transdisciplinary model of ‘applied design research’ that society needs to draw upon, far more than so-called ‘design thinking’.


Prof. Mark Burry is a practising architect who has published internationally on two main themes: the life, work and theories of the architect Antoni Gaudí, and putting theory into practice with regard to ‘challenging’ architecture. He has been Senior Architect to the Sagrada Família Basilica Foundation since 1979 pioneering distant collaboration with his colleagues based on-site in Barcelona. He is currently the Founding Director of the RMIT University’s Design Research Institute (DRI), established in 2008 to collaborate across the entire university design community ranging from hard-core sciences and technology to applied arts. In 2001 he founded RMIT University’s state-of-the-art Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) in Melbourne Australia, established as a holistic transdisciplinary spatial design research environment.

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