New thematic section from Culture Unbound: “Communicating Culture in Practice”

Culture Unbound, Volume 5, 2013

«Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research» has published a new thematic section entitled Communicating Culture in Practice. It is edited by Samantha Hyler and discusses how cultural research can be applied outside of academia. The articles focus on a number of concrete cases and the particular challenges and opportunities that researchers have met when working with civic or commercial partners. Subjects of the different articles range from ethnographic perspectives on Place-Making to working life in the creative economy and the intersections between cultural research and business consulting.

Featured articles are:

Samantha Hyler, “Introduction: Communication Culture in Practice”
Elias Mellander & Anna-Mari Fagerström, “Balancing Acts: Culture as Commodity Among Business Consultants”
Leila Valoura, “Time-Space Flexibility and Work: Analyzing the “Anywhere and Anytime Office” in the Entertainment, New Media, and Arts Sector”
Samantha Hyler, Invisible Lines Crossing the City: Ethnographic Strategies for Place-making”
Joakim Forsemalm, “From Creep to Co-op: Research(er) Paying the Cost of Displacement”

PDF   Culture Unbound, Vol. 5, 2013 “Communicating Culture in Practice”

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