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I was born in Veracruz, Mexico. At 18 traveled to Tlacotalpan, a little town in Mexico, to know the birthplace of my grandmother. Once there I realized it was a World Heritage site when I found the plaque of its inscription in UNESCO's List. This changed my life... forever. Since then my passion for cultural management brought me to study Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, empowerment of local communities and my speciality: World Heritage Sites.

In 2009 I published the book " The Butterflies' House " result of the investigation of the social impact of an archaeological project in the community of Tlacojalpan , Mexico. I'm interested also in museums, heritage interpretation and cultural tourism. I finished the MD in Management of Institutions and Cultural Industries at the University of Barcelona, ​​with the project "Management of World Heritage brand in Catalonia" which has taken me to places of outstanding universal value, living unforgetable experiencies and learning how to preserve these awesome places for next generation. 

My hobbies and interests are the traditional Son Jarocho , writing poetry , practice camping and outdoor life , swimming and running, and to be member of the World Scout Movement .

Archaeologist and Cultural Manager.
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